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Every business needs a little something extra to stand out from the crowd. In most cases it is using natural material that is elegant and beautiful to look at—these finishes come at a steep price and require specialized installers. Public Imagery can customize and create the natural look and feel you want at a fraction of the cost.

  • Environmental  Finishes

    • Concrete Planks

    • Dry Stacked Stone

    • Wood Planks

    • Brick

    • Tile

  • Aerial Fabrication

  • Elemental  Finishes

    • ACM Panels

    • Cement Vinyl Planks

    • Embossed Metal


Environmental Finishes
Light weight composite material that is easy to install, cut and are class “A” fire rated products. Why try and buy real brick that is heavier and easy to break or chip? Raw material is hard to customize or change unlike Environmental Finishes which are easy to customize and change in any way you want. Each product can be cut with a circular saw, reciprocating saw, table saw, or grinder. Panels fit into each other like a glove.  All panels weigh between 0.5 pounds to 4 pounds—much lighter than real material with the same look.


Aerial Fabrication
Normal overhangs are heavy, costly, and require extra support. Aerial is lightweight, easy to install with only aircraft cable suspension and easily customizable. An added bonus is that the material used to make aerial is class ‘‘A” fire rated.


Elemental Finishes
Easily customizable with patterns, solid colors, or images for a unique exterior or interior. Applied to cement board, ACM, or embossed metal. Finishes are protected against the sun so no fading or dulling of any colors.

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